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Busy Mom Of Two Drops 30lbs In ONLY 3 Months

My client Deb came to me about 3 months back looking for help with reaching her goals. Deb has 2 young boys ages 2.5 and 1 and she works part time from home as well.

She had been trying to lose weight since she had her 1 year old with no success.

She even joined a kickboxing gym and was working out 4-5 days a week and was following a cookie cutter diet they gave her yet she only experienced very little weight loss.

So we talked and after I looked at the diet she was following we realized she was eating too many calories and she wasn't getting in enough weight training!

So she signed up for my 4 week 1:1 training program and we got to work!

We met 2x a week for 30-40 minutes via zoom and I took her though a weight training workout. I recorded the workouts for her so she could follow them on her own once she reached her goal. She also got in her daily steps and followed the balanced customized meal plan I created for her based on what kind of foods she enjoyed eating. We switched the meal plan up every week or two.

Fast forward to 3 months later Deb [pictured above] has lost 30lbs!!!! More importantly she feels better mentally!

Here is her fb comment on her before and after picture:

Now she is ready to use what she has learned and continue her journey on her own and check in with me once per month! Yes that is right.. my goal is to help each client to eventually be able to use what they have learned and be able to maintain the healthy habits on their own!

I am currently accepting new clients who want to learn how to crush their goals just like Debra did

So if you..

*Are trying to keep up with a plan but are struggling because you need accountability *Are ready to start working on your physical, emotional and mental health *Are so done with yo-yo dieting and want a healthy relationship with food and fitness *Are willing to give it your all *Are ready to invest in your health and happiness

Click HERE to email me or Click HERE to message me on telegram and set up a FREE 15 minute consultation today!



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