The 4 Week #LeanBod15 Program
  • The 4 Week #LeanBod15 Program

    Hey there!


    As a busy mom of 3 kids under 4 I know how crazy life can be. I know how challenging it can be to set aside time each day to workout and eat healthy. You might feel tired, overwhelmed and just not motivated.


    Well I am here to help you!!


    I have created a program for super busy women that focus on creating consitent healthy habits rather than extreme quick fixes.


    This program will help you shed fat and sculpt a SLIM & STRONG BODY in only 4 weeks without spending hours at the gym or starving yourself!


    Are you:


    1. Having a hard time with keeping up with workouts on your own?


    2. Need someone to help keep you accountable EVERYDAY?


    3. Want to tone up while having a healthy relationship with food and fitness?


    4. Confused about what kind of workouts to do to get the best results? 


    5. Tired of yo-yo deting and ready to learn balanced eating so you can get results while still enjoying life?



    If this sounds like you then the 30 Day Fat Furnace Program is EXACTLY what you need!



    The BEST part is you ONLY have to workout 5 days per week for 15 minutes in order to get MIND BLOWING RESULTS!! 





    ✨15 Minute follow along Workout videos with me as your trainer! 


    ✨ A Balanced Meal Plan and A Healthy Food Group Guide plus suggested supplements to help you get your best results


    ✨A weekly LIVE Facebook Group Chat to answer questions and keep you motivated 


    ✨Daily motivation & accountability via Facebook Group


    ✨Access to me as your trainer and coach!! I’ll answer all questions within 24 hours via messenger or fb group. 


    The truth is most personal trainers charge $60- $150 PER HOUR!!!


    With the Slim & Strong Program you get access to your very own coach and trainer for less than $13/week!!!


    So what are you waiting for?




    You got this !





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